Alexandra Park Community Centre (APCC) is a non-profit charitable organization located in the Atkinson Housing Co-op. APCC serves the community needs of over 500 racially and culturally diverse households. APCC is a central gathering place that hosts and presents a variety of engaging social, educational and recreational programs.


Our mandate is to to be an inclusive, community-oriented, multi-functional centre that plans and coordinates a range of social, recreational and educational services geared to the overall needs of the Atkinson Co-op community.

Alexandra Park Community Centre

Since 1976, Alexandra Park Community Centre has served as the central hub of support, programming and fundraising for over 2000 residents across several generations, from toddlers to seniors. As a multi-functional organization, the centre offers a range of social, recreational and cultural services geared to the overall needs of the community.

Alexandra Park Community Centre (APCC) is a registered not-for-profit charitable organization that is governed by the Alexandra Park Residents Association through a board of directors consisting of 9 members that are residents of the Housing Cooperative. The centre operates year round with 3 full-time and 4 part-time staff. Workers consist of Executive Director, a Child and Youth Program Coordinator, a Family Resource Program Coordinator, 2 Family Resource Assistants and 2 After 4 Program Assistants. The centre has over 30 volunteers that provide on-going support to its programs.

Currently, APCC serves approximately 500 residents of diverse racial and cultural backgrounds. Of those served, 75% are children and teenagers ranging in age from toddlers to 23. The remaining 25% of those served are adults and seniors.

The uniqueness of APCC's programmes is their ability to engage participants from toddlers to the elderly and in doing so; the centre adds value and worth to the lives of the residents. The overall benefit of these programs is that they encourage and empower residents to become leaders in their own lives and the lives of others in their community. Programs offered by APCC include Moms and Tots Program, The Foodshare and Clothing Drive Program, The After Four Program, The Youth Program, The Teen Leadership Program, The Annual Summer Camp, The Seniors Program.

What is unique about these programs is that they encourage and empower residents to become leaders in their own community. APCC has been resourceful in developing valuable relationships with community partners and organizations.

Most notably, the programs for children and young people leave them with a sense of confidence and self worth.

APCC hosts year round celebrations; all major holidays are marked by community dinners and lunches that encourage larger participation.

Alexandra Park Community Centre is proud of its achievements thus far. The programs at the centre have been instrumental in providing residents with the vehicle to build internal capacity toward self-confidence and self-worth. Alexandra Park Community Centre now recognizes to further grow the community what is needed is the mechanism to assist the residents to gain the necessary tools and support to build economic stability in their lives.



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