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Welcome to Alexandra Park Community Centre

Welcome to Alexandra Park Community Centre!

 Alexandra Park Community Centre is a non-profit charitable organization that is located behind the Chinatown Centre mall in the Atkinson Housing Co-op at 105 Grange Court. It serves the community needs for residents of the co-op from infants to seniors. The centre provides a variety of programs and hosts community events relevant to the community on holidays and special occasions. The centre is an integral part of this diverse and lively community.


The staff at the centre include:

Donna Harrow – Executive Director

Judy Lam – Moms & Tots Coordinator

Paula Vieira – Early Years Centre Facilitator/Moms & Tots Assistant

Shirley Sit – Moms & Tots Assistant

Onitsha Gayle-Allen  – Children & Youth Worker

Nuha Habay – Children & Youth Worker



Alexandra Park Community Centre

Alexandra Park Community Centre




Alexandra Park Community Centre is located at 105 Grange Court;

2 Streets south of Dundas, West of Spadina



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