I AM MORE is a social media based initiative that encourages  diversity, inclusiveness and empowerment in our cities urban neighbourhoods.  

While using the hashtag #IAMMoreToronto, citizens of Toronto will have the opportunity to express themselves in dealing with issues like racism, gun violence, poverty, homophobia, mental health, disabilities, rites of passage,  community safety and activism and many other social issues that plague or urban communities.

Utilizing social media as our platform, the initiative's roots come out of Alexandra Park Community Centre. Youth Workers will open discussions with the members and friends of the community and then take the bigger project to the streets of Toronto. Our goal is to open up the dialogue about such issues while creating a safe space for people to feel empowered in our conversations.  

#IAMMoreToronto will also offer information and access to services based on the needs of those we meet throughout the project.  

 Here’s how it works:

  • We will open discussions with “Tell us which statement you can relate to most” - We have created a list of impact statements.  Participants will then select from the list OR create their own

  • An example of this would be #IAMmore ... than the color of my skin!  We then have a conversation about your selected statement applies to your life

  • your picture will be posted (with your consent upon completion of a signed waiver) on our Instagram page and across our social media channels

  • We include your name, age and city along with a quote from our conversation and post your picture

What we hope to accomplish, outside of giving people a safe platform to share their stories, is to bring light to some of the major issues our urban communities are dealing with.  As the #IAMmore initiative grows, we will diligently document and highlight project milestones, successes and challenges. 

the Alexandra Park community is incredibly excited for the journey ahead with this groundbreaking initiative. stay tuned, and follow us at www.instagram.com/iammoretoronto.