Mental health does not simply refer to the plethora of serious mental illnesses. Your mental health is affected by numerous factors from your daily life, including the stress of balancing work with your health and relationships.

At APCC, providing support, counseling referrals and community resources to our community is of tremendous importance to our overarching mission. Urban neighbourhoods in Toronto and across the province have historically faced incredible pressures due to a complex tapestry of social and economic factors. Whether it be anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, eating disorders, or anger issues, our youth are at particular risk and require vigilant attention on these fronts to ensure that successful outcomes are possible for their lives and futures.

Teenagers and young adults who feel alone, misunderstood or who have suffered abuse typically have turned to a number of illicit street drugs that continue to be a daily problem. The relationship between drug abuse and mental health is well-documented. We continue to advocate on behalf of our community and others, cautioning that turning to drugs at the expense of your mental and physical health is a short-term solution that will lead to long-term problems.